We believe in a world where strangers become friends. We believe in the power of movement, connection, and play.
This application is the first official step in your journey to become and AcroYoga Teacher. It’s intentionally designed to help you get clarity on why you want to become an AY Teacher, and to help us see determine if you are ready to step into this exciting adventure. Our teaching team reviews each application carefully to make sure only qualified applicants are accepted. Once you complete this application, we will contact you directly (via email, call or Skype) to let you know you have been accepted, or if we have any questions. Ready to roll?!
First, let's get to know each other. What's your first name? *

Thanks, {{answer_24543241}}! What is your last/family name? *

And phone number? *

Which Training are you applying for? *

The pre-requisites: The Teacher Training has strict pre-requisites. Their purpose is to make sure that you have a strong foundation to build on. This helps us maintain the highest quality of Teachers and will help you get the most out of your investment (energy, time, and money). Ready to check if you meet the pre-requirements?

On very rare occasions we may consider waiving one of the pre-requisites. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis by a committee of teachers. If you feel that you might qualify for an exception, please let us know why in any of the sections that follow.
Have you completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification? *

Please share details about the Teachers, location, and year. *

What experience do you have teaching yoga or other practices? *

Have you completed at least 2 AcroYoga Immersions (two of the three types)? *

Please share details about the Type (elemental, lunar, solar), Teachers, location, and year. If you have completed only one, please specify which immersion you plan to take before the TT. Specify type, Teachers, location, and date.
Please name 1-2 Certified AcroYoga teachers that we can contact if we need a recommendation. *

Find them at acroyoga.org/teachers
We are curious: What kind of yoga do you practice and Do You Have Previous Yoga Training? *

With Whom? How Long? Any Certificates? Have You Taught Yoga?
We are curious: Do You Have Other Acrobatic Training? *

With Whom? How Long? Any Certificates?
We are curious: Are You A Therapist, do you give any kind of healing treatments, or have you taken any courses in Thai Massage or any other healing arts? *

With Whom Did You Study? How Long Have You Been Practicing? Any Certificates?
Great! Now tell us a little more about you. What's your date of birth? *

Where's your place of birth? *

Where do you currently live? *

What's your Skype name, Facebook name, and instagram handle? *

What languages do you speak fluently? *

I consider my strength to be in: *

The Teacher Training is a physically and emotionally rigorous experience. Do you have any injuries, limitations, past or current emotional traumas, or are you on any medications that you want to share with the teaching team? *

Please share in more detail *

Why do you want to attend the AcroYoga Teacher Training? *

Is It To Become An AcroYoga Teacher? To Deepen Your Practice? Let us know in 250 words or less.
After completing this program, where do you imagine sharing this practice? *

Are there specific communities you would like to serve, festivals you’d like to teach at, or personal missions you’d like to enact? In 250 words or less, tell us where you envision your teaching credentials taking you.
AcroYoga International Teachers support all people through movement, connection, and play. How do you envision your teaching practice sharing in this vision? *

Send us a face shot so we know what you look like! *

Upload a photo of you in a straight handstand *

It can be against a wall
Upload a photo of you in urdhva dhanurasana *

(upward bow)
Upload a photo of you in any AcroYoga flying pose *

Please use this space for any additional comments you would like to add:

Please review and accept: Once accepted, you will receive be contacted with further details and information on how to make your deposit. To secure your spot at the Training, we ask that you complete your deposit and select your preferred accommodation within 15 days of acceptance. To prepare yourself, we ask that you review and get comfortable with the Elements of AcroYoga manual and Solar and Lunar series. *

Find all educational content (now available for instast download and streaming) here: https://shop.acroyoga.org/collections/education
Find all educational content (now available for instast download and streaming) here: https://shop.acroyoga.org/collections/education
We'll be in touch soon.
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